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Disturbances to the body's 6 zones are the root of pain & discomfort.

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Service Description

The Perfect Zone Technique What is the Zone Technique? Altered nerve flow was the root cause of disease and that misaligned spinal vertebrae negatively affect nerve flow. By restoring the vertebrae to their proper alignment restores health. How does the Zone Technique Work? The body may be classified as an “electrical machine”. Each zone is regulated by a specific center of the brain. There are 6 brain centers that represent the POSITIVE pole of the body which are related to the 6 points on the spinal cord that represents the NEGATIVE pole of the body. When there is a disturbance in any of the bodily areas, one or more of these centers are “shorted out”. Point are checked on the back of the head or on the spine and stimulation of the proper points send healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain center that needs balancing. Through an easy assessment, Dr. Krzemien can quickly determine your zone and get you on the path to health. What are the 6 different Zones? Zone 1: Glandular (The Body’s Thermostat) - Increases memory, energy, sleep, and relax - Regulate immune system and hormonal system - Thyroid (metabolism), pineal (sleep-wake), and pituitary gland care (growth and reproduction) - Appetite regulation Zone 2: Eliminative (The Body’s Waste and Disposal Plant) - Strengthen lung, kidney, and bladder function - Regulate colon an bowel movements - Clear sinuses, nasal passages, and bronchial tubes - Eliminate bloating an bodily toxins Zone 3: Nervous (An Intelligent Communication Network) - Improve mood and sleep - Ear and eye health ZoneTechnique/GeorgiaSpineSporta - Balance hormonal system - Increase energy, remain calm, and relax Zone 4: Digestive (Supplying the Energy for Life) - Normalize weight - Salivary gland health and normalize sense of taste - Sustain healthy liver, intestines, and gallbladder - Digest foods that were previously agitating - Boost energy Zone 5: Muscular (The Framework of the Body) - Restore proper range of motion and movement - Expedite muscle recovery and improve strength - Improve suppleness and flexibility - Restore center of gravity and eliminate dizziness Zone 6: Circulatory (The Body’s Plumbing System) - Heart health - Normalize blood pressure - Healthy blood vessels - Proper circulation Website: Citation: Goldman, P. (2021, April 9). A Timeless Healing Art. The Zone Technique.

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  • 4325 S Lee St, Buford, GA 30518, USA

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