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We're so glad you're coming in to see us. For faster booking and confirmation, please feel free to call us (770)614-6551. 

  • Maintain a nervous system that is capable of fighting injury before it

  • This treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical, drug-free alternative

  • Low-level laser to stimulates your cells biological functions

  • Therapy with acoustic sound waves to target tissue at varying depths

  • Prepare the body for better adjustments, relieving muscle tension/pain

  • An effective approach to treating soft tissue injuries of the fascia

  • Gain a more in-depth feel of your underlying tissues (David Graston)

  • Speed up your recovery to rebuild your strength and flexibility

  • We are one of the only chiropractic offices in Georgia to offer HBOT.

  • We offer custom-made arch supports that are individually crafted.

  • We help you develop a custom nutrition plan to maximize performance.

  • Disturbances to the body's 6 zones are the root of pain & discomfort.

  • ARP Wave™ Neuro Recovery is a revolutionary therapy for chronic pain.

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