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Therapy with acoustic sound waves to target tissue at varying depths

  • South Lee Street

Service Description

What is Piezo? Piezo Wave is myofascial acoustic compression therapy, which is the use of acoustic sound waves to target tissue at varying depths to compress and manipulate resulting in a focused and precise trigger point therapy. The mechanical stimuli to cells leads to improved circulation and pain relief. Mechanism An ultrasound head produces an acoustic sound wave to manipulate the tissue of a specific trigger point. The focalized mechanical force greatly influences various cell functions including gene expression, cell reproduction, and secretion of nutrients. These functions lead to improvements in circulation and the relief of pain. What To Expect The clinician will discuss with you the location of your pain. Based on this you may be asked to change into a gown for easier access and your comfort. A thin layer of gel will be applied, and the ultrasound head will be used to find the painful trigger points. You will feel a pressure that may be painful at times. Communicate what you are feeling and report when you feel a dull ache. This trigger point will be worked on until you start to feel relief. Some soreness is normal following the treatment but can be remedied by rest and adequate water and protein intake.

Contact Details

  • 4325 S Lee St, Buford, GA 30518, USA

    (770) 614-6551

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